Wolfrace Wheels UK Limited warrants that it will repair, refurbish or replace to the original purchaser any Wolfrace wheel sold by Wolfrace that is found to be faulty or suffer from defective material or workmanship for a period of one year. This warranty does not extend to damage caused during the fitting of the wheels and/ or tyres unless supplied as a fitted unit by Wolfrace. Your wheels have a 12 month warranty – you can extend your warranty by registering your purchase online at www.wolfrace.com/register/ and ticking the box to confirm you have read our policy with regard to cleaning. All warranty extensions either by post or online must be made within 14 days of purchase. 

This warranty does not apply if: The damage, defect or functional irregularity occurs to the wheels for any other reason than normal road use. The warranty does not cover accidental damage, negligence or misuse to the wheel or wheels that have been altered or repaired, wheels that have been used with excessive vehicle load or have not been fitted in accordance with Wolfrace wheels fitting instructions as clearly displayed on the wheel box or on line at www.wolfrace.com. No warranty applies to corrosion or paint flaking due to damage caused by curbing or the use of chemical cleaners or any damage caused as a result of racing activity.

No warranty applies to salt corrosion due to neglect of the wheels. If you need to make a claim if a Wolfrace wheel is defective, please refer to the dealer from whom you purchased the wheels. This must be reported within the warranty period and the product must be produced for inspection as well as the original proof of purchase. In the event of a successful claim, Wolfrace will replace the product through the dealer network.  


Wolfrace offers the following solutions for claiming outside of the warranty period: 

Up to 6 months outside warranty: Wolfrace will replace the defective wheel with a new wheel at a cost to
you of 50% of the original invoice value. 6 – 12 months outside of warranty: Wolfrace will replace the defective wheel with a new wheel at a cost to you of 75% of the original invoice value. Replaced wheels become the property of Wolfrace. The conditions above apply only when Wolfrace are in receipt of the claimed wheel.
The original invoice is required for all claims. Register via the form below.


Wolfrace recommends that wheels are test-fitted prior to mounting tyres. 

PLEASE NOTE: Damage claims / general returns are not valid if tyres have been mounted. 


All Wolfrace wheels have a standard 12 month warranty that
can be extended when a purchase is registered online, Simply fill out the form below.

(if registered online)

  • Eurosport – Fully painted – 2 years.
  • Eurosport – Polished – 2 years.
  • Explorer – Fully painted – 2 years.
  • Explorer – Polished – 2 years.

In order to activate your extended warranty, please register your wheels by filling the form below


The warranty period applicable starts from the invoice date of your order. This can be extended as above when registering online by filling the form below.

Standard warranty without registering online is 12 months from date of purchase.

IMPORTANT: You may be able to extend your alloy wheel warranty period. Register your product with us to take advantage of our extended warranty scheme.

Capturing your purchase details means we can increase the level of customer services we offer – any queries you may have can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Some of the information supplied by you may be used for marketing, research and statistics and is safeguarded under the Data Protection Act 1984.

Once completed and submitted, your registration will be processed and your data will be stored and registered against your purchase.

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