Wolfrace launch new TrackReady Alloy Wheels – Developed with Tony Gilham Racing – Team HARD.
Wolfrace, the UK’s best known alloy wheel brand are pleased to announce the release of two new Wolfrace TrackReady alloy wheels developed with Tony Gilham Racing Team HARD BTCC and VW Racing Cup teams.

Following a long development process together with Tony Gilham Racing Limited, Wolfrace launch the new Wolfrace TrackReady Pro-Lite Eco 2 and Ultra-Lite Eco 2 alloy wheels.

The knowledge and expertise that Tony and his staff have been able to bring to the Wolfrace TrackReady project has been invaluable and has enabled us to produce a range of wheels that perform extremely well on the track and on the road’ said Chris Cook, Marketing Manager at Wolfrace Wheels (UK) Limited.

Wolfrace TrackReady Wheels are manufactured for strength, stability and lightness and offer a no-compromise performance product to suit various vehicle applications – including race car fitments and Kit cars.
Both wheels offer a weight saving over standard wheels which in turn leads to improved fuel economy on most vehicles.
All Wolfrace TrackReady wheels gonfiabili are heat treated and drilled to spec in the UK – PCD, offset and centre bore can be adjusted to suit even the most obscure fitment from the latest electric vehicles to a twenty year old Ford.

The new Pro-Lite Eco 2 is a stunning multi-spoke wheel finished in either high quality Gloss black or Silver paint. The ten spoke design is built for optimum strength whilst allowing for essential airflow and brake clearance.
The complete size range is 7.0×15” (from 7.3kg) 7.0×17” 7.5×17” (from 9.1kg) 8.0×17” 9.0×17” 8.0×18” 9.0×18”.

Wolfrace TrackReady Ultra-Lite Eco 2.0 is available in either Gloss black, Silver or Gun Metal paint. The concave Ultra-Lite is a unique ‘split’ five spoke design available in a wide range of sizes. Like the Pro-Lite, the Ultra-Lite is manufactured with a close eye on brake clearance and airflow.
The full size range is 6.5×15” 7.0×17” 8.0×18” 9.0×18”.

Depending on the application, vehicle owners can opt for a large ‘cover-plate’ centre cap with red ‘TrackReady’ branding or a small centre cap leaving the fitting holes exposed
The collaboration of Wolfrace and Tony Gilham Racing is further enhanced with the option of a unique sticker that can be applied to the rim of either wheel.

In addition to product development, a new deal scivolo gonfiabile between the two companies will see the Wolfrace brand featured on Tony Gilham Racing’s BTCC cars as well as VW Racing Cup cars for the duration of the 2013 season.

We are extremely pleased to be working with Tony Gilham Racing and Team HARD in 2013 and wish the team every success in 2013’ said Chris.

Wolfrace have been producing high quality alloy wheels for the road market for over forty years in a range of different sizes, colours and finishes to fit anything from a VW Polo to a Range Rover Sport. The companies’ launch wheel, the Slot Mag, has since become an iconic design and is still highly desirable even in 2013.

Over the past ten years Tony Gilham Racing Limited has built up a huge amount of experience competing in (and winning) various race formula including VW Cup, Porsche Cup, and for the past two years – BTCC.

The new Wolfrace TrackReady wheels are available through Tony Gilham Racing and Wolfrace dealer nationwide Go to https://www.wolfrace.com for more information.