As the cold weather sets in you’ll have no doubt noticed that talk in the alloy wheel and tyre world is now focused on the best winter packages for your vehicle – and rightly so – you need to prepare your vehicle as best you can for winter driving conditions.

Renault Megane with Wolfrace Winter Alloys

Renault Megane with Wolfrace Winter Alloys

We’ll cut through the blurb and tell you exactly what you need to know.

Most common Winter tyre questions:

One question we’re asked a lot – can i keep my Winter tyres on for the summer months?

You can, but we would advise you put your normal driving tyres back on your vehicle as the winter ones will wear a lot quicker.

How will winter tyres make a difference over normal tyres?

Performance, traction and braking is improved – particularly on rear wheel drive cars where improvements can be quite dramatic.

I have a front wheel drive car, do i need winter tyres?

We would recommend you do, the improvements aren’t as great as on rear-wheel drive cars but your vehicle will still perform better.

But winter tyres can be expensive?

Generally winter tyres cost about the same as normal tyres, depending on the size.

Typical winter tyre

Typical winter tyre

Where can i buy winter tyres?

From Wolfrace of course! you can buy online on our shop or contact one of hundreds of Wolfrace dealers across the UK for the best prices – for example we have 16″ wheel and tyre packages from only £499.95 (rsp)

Will winter tyres make any difference in rain and sleet?

In short, yes. Braking, traction and overall grip of your vehicle will be improved at pretty much any temperature below 7 degrees C – even in the dry.

My car isn’t worth much, should i bother with Winter tyres?

That depends on how precious you are about your no claims bonus, and your car body work…….

Are winter tyres worth it?

Most definitely.

What about winter wheels – do i need them?

Changing your wheels for the Winter is very common outside of the UK. It really depends on how confident you are of your ability to stay away from curbs when it snows, and on your confidence in the ability of your wheels to survive snow, sleet, rain and road salt.

Wolfrace GB Bavaro

Wolfrace GB Bavaro

The chances are if you’re running alloys that are chromed or polished in some way, they won’t be able to deal with all that Jack Frost throws at them, we would recommend changing an expensive set of wheels like this for a set of high quality plain silver alloys – there are many wheels that are suitable in the Wolfrace GB and Wolfrace Eurosport ranges, there are also several suitable designs in the ATS and Alutec wheel ranges. All winter wheels in these ranges are made in Europe, TUV approved and have up to a five year warranty.