The wheels on any van have a tough job. As well as transferring power from the engine onto the road they also have to bear the weight of your van and anything else you happen to have in the back inflatable tent of it. Doing all this while maintaining their shape, delivering a smooth ride, absorbing potholes and going up against curves when parking is no easy feat.

Wolfrace Entourage fitted to Vauxhall Vivaro

Image: BCSS chose 20” Wolf Design Entourage alloy wheels for the company van.

Traditionally wheels have been made from steel, and on many older vans and standard models they still are. Yet almost universally across the board higher end models now come with alloys. While cheap and relatively strong, steel is a natural choice for basic wheels but anyone looking to make a basic improvement to a van will find that alloy wheels are a natural choice. And here’s why.

Alloy wheels are stronger and lighter than steel rims. This means that you can reduce the weight of the van, improve handling and drive with more confidence that your wheels can take the pressure. Alloys are more rigid and hold their shape better in the long run than more flexible steel. It might seem strange that something lighter than steel can be stronger but it is the chemical bonding process that forms an alloy that provides its incredible strength.

Anyone who has driven a fully laden van knows that handling can be a bit of an issue. Sometimes it can feel like the van has a mind of its own. Alloy wheels provide you with greater control and the weight reduction means the van holds the road and is more responsive, even with a full load in the back. Reduced weight also means lower fuel costs and a better acceleration (although that’s probably not something to test out with a full load).

Of course, there are also some fairly obvious aesthetic reasons for choosing alloys over steel too. Because of the additional strength, there is a much greater design variety available toboggan gonflable in alloy wheels. They can be cast and worked into many different styles meaning you have a greater degree of flexibility when customising.

There’s no denying that alloy wheels can really boost the appearance of your van. A VW T4 or T5 with a set of polished alloys looks like a serious machine, adding a bit of flair to your workhorse and showing that you take pride in your appearance, even if you’re doing a dirty job.

Wolfrace Assassin VW T5

Image: This VW T5 looks impressively kitted out with these Wolfrace Assassin wheels

Alloys also make the van a bit more fun to drive, and that’s something that’s all too often under-appreciated when you own a bigger vehicle. Just because you value the practicality of a van it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy being behind the wheel too.

If you’re looking to give your van a bit of a boost, improve its looks and add a personal touch, then check out the new range of Wolfrace Eurosport wheels for all types of vans.

Better handling, economy and style for your van are just a set of new rims away.

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This article was written on behalf of LK Performance. LK Performance has been stocking Wolfrace wheels for many years, and are aspiring market leaders in supplying alloy wheels and tyres.