As we know better than most, aftermarket alloy wheels aren’t exactly a recent phenomenon, and this means that the process of coming up with designs that are genuinely new and innovative can pose something of a problem. Fortunately, our designers have been doing this since 1971, a span of time that’s seen us literally re-invent the wheel several times over, and our latest offering, the Evoke, is among our most unique looking creations to date.

The Evoke’s impressively genre-defying design only becomes truly apparent when viewed in profile, when it’s clear that our design team has managed to pen an alloy that is both convex and concave – all at the same time! This has been achieved through seven sets of polished spokes which protrude from the rim edge before plunging aggressively back into the centre of all wheel, thus creating an inner concave profile. It’s a look which most would deem impossible to pull off, yet the Evoke is rolling proof that it can be done, it just takes a little out of the box thinking. Well done, guys! <3

Not only does the Evoke look the part, it’s been developed to be a truly open-ended wheel design. In practice this means that it’s available in an impressive selection of finishes bouncy castle for sale and PCDs, large enough to cater to most larger cars and to most tastes. The Evoke is intended to fill the capacious arches of big, executive cars, four-wheel drives and vans so it follows that its size, a meaty 8.5×20in all round, reflects this. The full list of PCD options is equally aggressive and runs to 5×110, 5×108, 5×108, 5×112, 5×114.3 and 5×120.

This year sees the Evoke debut in its signature finish, a suitably menacing combination of black with polished highlights, with further colour combinations slated for release in the coming months.

Weight loaded at 1250kg, the Wolfrace Evoke is also suitable for fitment to a massive array of different commercial vehicles, including applications like the Vauxhall Vivaro and the staggeringly popular VW T5/6. This reflects the growing trend for modified or otherwise aftermarket styled vans, another sector that Wolfrace is proud to support in a big way. Better still, the 5-stud Evoke will soon be joined by a 6×130 PCD sibling called the Evoke X, a fitment specifically for the Mercedes Sprinter and available in all new Urban Chrome, Gloss Black, Black/Polished or Gunmetal/Polished finishes.

Quality, strength and style are par for the course when it comes to a Wolfrace product, but so too is value for money. Make no mistake, the Evoke is a truly high end wheel that’s taken years to develop, yet one wheel, a massive 8.5×20in wheel at that, will set you back a mere £164.94.

Genuinely innovative, achingly stylish, available in a wide selection of fitment options and cost effective, it isn’t hard to envision the Wolfrace Evoke going on to be a true alloy icon, so make sure you’re in at the ground floor by bagging yourself a set nice and early!


8.5×20 – £164.94 inc VAT