We’re not going to pretend that the Wolfrace Eurosport Munich is a brand new wheel because it isn’t – in fact it’s been a staple of our range for some years now, yet it shows no sign in decreasing in popularity! It’s a prime candidate for the spotlight treatment then, mainly as it gives us an opportunity to delve into just what makes it so popular with car fans of all types and tastes.

We’ve never been shy about designing innovative and unique looking wheels that pay homage to some of the most popular alloys sold by large OEM concerns, and the Munich is just one example of this. Part of the Eurosport sub-range, the Munich apes wheels offered by a certain high-end executive vehicle manufacturer founded in, you guessed it, Munich, yet adds a wealth of fitment options and finishes.

The Munich’s innovative 7 v-spoke design is easy to spot

One thing that’s immediately obvious about the Munich is that it’s a wheel with huge presence, a trait no doubt accentuated by its super aggressive design. A strong, 7 V-spoke look and concave profile calls to mind iconic designs from some of Germany’s most successful car manufactures, as well as some of the timeless alloy offerings from the mid ’90s. Designed to ape Bavarian classics, the Munich is nonetheless able to fill the arches of pretty much any car you care to mention, whether or not it hails from Germany. As if to underline its multi-faceted nature, the Munich has been developed with a very high load rating, and this means that’s it can be safely fitted to light goods vehicles and vans.

Contrasting finishes give the Munich added depth, making it appear that bit more purposeful

The Munich’s massive popularity can probably be traced to its styling, but also the truly massive selection of finishes, sizes and PCDs it can be ordered in, large enough to cater to most brands of car and most tastes. Evidence of our commitment to offering wheels that chime with the individual customer’s taste can be seen in the selection of finishes available: Gloss Black, Hyper Silver/polished, Satin Black/polished face and undercut, Satin Black/ polished undercut. Those that opt to have their wheels with the undercut will benefit from a subtle design feature that gives the effect of a ‘secondary rim’ behind the spokes. All the finishes look suitably menacing and all have been developed to provide tough, long lasting protection for the alloy underneath.

The Munich is intended to fill the capacious arches of big, executive cars, so it follows that it’s available in a choice of sizes intended to suit said machines: 8.5×18in and 8.5×20in. The full list of PCD options is equally aggressive and runs to 5×112, 5×120, 5×108, 5×114.3, and for those that intend on fitting the Munich to a van, 5×118.

The Wolfrace Munich ticks each and every box, bringing OEM style and quality to the mass market, and all for a price that’s affordable to the vast majority of potential buyers. There’s no doubt that it will look right at home under the arches of big saloons, luxury sports car and vans.

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