Wolfrace one-off vehicles go hand-in-hand – we’ve been making them for decades now, with the ’70s Wolfrace Sonic being perhaps the best known example. The latest demo vehicle to get the Wolfrace treatment is the Ford Ranger, and we’re proud to announce that it is the first move in a series of exciting developments which will eventually see us role out a range of styling accessories for the UK’s most popular pickups.

The all new Wolfrace Ford Ranger is the ideal castillos hinchables way for us to show off our new range of styling accessories, including the side cladding shown here

The Wolfrace Ranger currently sports a set of 8.5x20in Wolfrace Vermonts, though its wide arches mean that it can house a wide selection of different wheels


Before we look at the exciting products due to launch in the coming months, let’s take a closer look at our all new Ford Ranger. Make no mistake, the Ranger is a purposeful looking bit of kit ‘out of the box,’ yet we’ve managed to inject ours with a shot of aggression by doubling down on its off-road styling – something it can more than match with its excellent mud-plugging ability. It’s a rolling showcase for our assault on the off-road market, with an expanded range of styling accessories and wheel lines to suit, including body-cladding for the doors, rear tail-gate cover, revised grille and front end treatment, vinyl graphics and bonnet vents, the latter an especially attractive touch.

The new Wolfrace tail gate cover and Wolfrace vinyl treatment, both of which can now be ordered for the Ranger

The most obvious addition to the Wolfrace Ranger, and one of the most significant components in the new body styling range, are the arch extensions. Not only do these allow for the installation of the wider, lower offset Lionhart wheels specially designed for this application (see below for more info), they suit the rough-and-tough Ranger perfectly, adding a massive shot of aggression to an already purposeful looking vehicle. The arch extensions attach to the bodywork through specially designed fixings, and you’ll be able to select between chrome or matt versions depending on your preference and the colour of your particular truck.

This image shows the new bespoke, colour coded Ford Ranger grille, plus bonnet vents

The arch extensions above aren’t merely for show, they open up a whole new world of low-offset wheel possibilities, with the likes of the Explorer and newly launched Lionhart range being but two examples. The popular Explorer series of wheels (the Dakar, Kalahari and Wildtrek) will fit perfectly and are more than up to the task – they were developed for use on hard-working Land Rovers, remember.

The Wolfrace Explorer range was designed for applications such as this this

The Renaissance’s unique styling and wide selection of fitment options makes it another ideal choice for the Ranger

The Lionhart range has been developed exclusively for the Ford Ranger (though they can just as easily be fitted to other pickups) and therefore fit it perfectly, mating up to the big Ford’s hubs in a seamless fashion. These wheels boast low offsets and wide widths, meaning that they’re best fitted in conjunction with the arch extensions mentioned above. Indeed, the vast majority of Rangers will require said arches to be fitted to legally run the Lionhart range and for said wheels to remain within covered by the bodywork. The trio of wheels that forms the Lionhart range are the LH1, LH2, LH3. Supplied with an attractive, hard wearing satin black finish (though the LH3 can be specified in satin black with a polished face), all 3 alloys are impressively large at 9x20in, figures which serve to underscore the need for them to be used in conjunction with the Wolfrace arch extensions.

The Lionhart LH1

The Lionhart LH2

There’s more, especially if you fancy making your pickup look suitably Mad Max! We can now supply a 45mm lift kit and a 20mm hub-centric spacer package, a combination which serves to make the already tough looking truck look positively post-apocalyptic.

Our new pickup styling range will be available to purchase soon, so keep your eyes peeled for more info in the coming weeks. You can also keep an eye on the progress of the Wolfrace Ranger by clicking through to our website.