Last month saw us release further details of its GB range, specifically the winter wheels contained within it. Never a firm content to rest on its laurels, we’ve today released further details of another, closely associated line-up of wheels, the GB-Classic. A range designed for those seeking to retain the OEM looks of their car, GB-Classic is home to Wolfrace icons like the Drive, X10, M10 and Kodiak, all designed for specific makes and models.

The fact that the wheels contained within the GB-Classic range are designed to fit the hubs of specific cars doesn’t merely ensure that they fit perfectly (though this is undoubtedly the case), it means that they’re the ideal upgrade for those owners seeking to keep their car looking perfect throughout the winter months, yet are understandably reticent about damaging their OE-fitted alloys. The icing on the cake? Undoubtedly that the overwhelming majority of the wheels within the GB-Classic range are suited to winter driving and winter weather.

The sheer number of wheels within the GB-Classic range which are suitable for use throughout the winter months means that it’s simply impossible to cover them all here, though it does make sense to take a closer look at some of the most popular; the Drive, Antares and Kodiak. All 3 are ECE marked (meaning they accept original equipment fixings), and inflatable water slide all 3 have been designed in such a way that they can accept an OEM centre cap, underscoring the OEM + nature of the wider GB-Classic portfolio.

The Drive has been developed to fit the hubs of BMWs

The Wolfrace Drive is, in line with the majority of its stablemates in the GB-Classic range, designed to fit a specific make of car, in this case BMW. Not only has the Drive been designed to fit the hubs of Munich’s finest automotive export perfectly, it can be ordered in two different versions (Drive or Driver X), and in a choice of finishes; Gloss Black/Polished, Polar Silver, Gunmetal or Gunmetal/Polished.

Own a Mercedes and fancy some new wheels? Then the Antares is a good shout.

Next up, the Wolfrace Antares. It’s an alloy which has been a fixture of the GB-Classic line-up for some time now, yet steadfastly refuses to date or diminish in popularity, probably as it does such a good job of aping the styling of its intended home, Mercedes Benz and VAGroup models. To this end the Antares can be specified in a dizzying array of sizes, from the compact 6.0x15in for hot hatches, right up to a far beefier, more imposing 8.0x18in variant.

The Kodiak apes the styling of popular wheels from a certain, Ingolstadt based manufacturer

The Wolfrace Kodiak mimics the styling bouncy castle of popular ‘bladed’ OEM alloys from Audi, meaning it’s the ideal choice for those owners seeking to apply some factory styling to their car, especially as it readily accepts both OEM bolts and Audi and VAGroup centre caps!

All the wheels within the GB-Classic range have been developed to exacting standards and can therefore be counted upon to shrug off the very worst that the British winter can throw their way, which in practice means everything from driving rain and drizzle in November, right through to frost, ice and snow in January. They aren’t merely able to weather these frankly awful conditions, they can handle the extra contaminants that said conditions invariably cause, namely road salt, perhaps the single most corrosive single element an alloy will encounter in its lifespan.

The ability of these wheel to remain looking box-fresh is down to the complex methods employed in their construction, not forgetting the industry leading finishes and coatings. The reason said processes are so effective is thanks to the expertise of the firm responsible for the wheels themselves, Wolfrace. All wheels within the GB-Classic range are made in Europe and can therefore be counted upon to perform perfectly for countless thousands of miles. Being a European product, said wheels carry full TUV stamping, Germany’s famously stringent type approval process) and, when registered, are covered by an industry leading 5-year warranty.

An expansive range of alloys catering to a dizzying array of different cars, the Wolfrace GB-Classic line is the place to turn for those owners seeking to keep their pride and joy looking perfect throughout the winter months. Head over to the website to find out more.