Now something of an auto industry icon, the Wolfrace Assassin has grown to become the eponymous British firm’s biggest seller, with a multitude of sizes, fitments and sizes, an impressively high weight load and an ability to accommodate its maker’s much vaunted Custom Fitment Coverage programme. It’s a wheel which deserves all the success it has enjoyed to date, and one which is certainly worth looking at in greater detail.

It isn’t hard to pinpoint the root cause of the massive success the Assassin has enjoyed over the last few years, its striking design. Not only is it unique and quite unlike anything else on the market, its split 10-spoke spoke pattern imparts extreme strength and rigidity, making it the ideal choice for performance vehicles. Said split spoke chateau gonflable design inspired the similarly styled Assassin GT, a wheel with pronounced ‘blades’ where the spokes themselves meet outer edge of the alloy.

The huge array of different finishes available is another reason for the Assssin’s continued popularity, with Wolfrace having expanded the number of colours available at the end of last year. It means that potential customers face a rather pleasant dilemma when the time comes to place an order, whether to plump for Gloss Black/Polished, Gunmetal/Polished, Gloss Black, Hyper Silver, Gloss Black/Red Tips or Gloss Black/Blue tips. The latter pair of all colour options are especially striking, serving to make it appear wider and larger than it actually is.

Styling, strength and lightweight aside, the Wolfrace Assassin is weight loaded at an impressive 1250kg (8.5x20in), a figure which makes it suitable for fitment to all manner of lightweight commercial vehicles, including the likes of the VW Transporter and Mercedes Sprinter.

The Assassin’s popularity within the commercial sector inspired Wolfrace to develop a new variant, one designed wholly and totally for the latest Ford Transit, the 8x18in Assassin TRS. Weight loaded at a massive 1350kg, the TRS is suitable for even the hardest working, heaviest loaded Transit, while its bespoke fitment ensures that it will mate right up to Ford’s iconic load-lugger’s hubs with ease.

Wolfrace has long been known for the quality of its products and the ruthlessness of its development process (the Assassin is fully TUV certified, meaning it’s passed Germany’s famously strict type approval process), but the company is also wholly committed to customer satisfaction. This commitment is clearly reflected in the industry leading, 12-month warranty, one which can be extended by an extra year simply by registering said wheels online.

Last but not least, the Assassin is also part of Wolfrace’s CFC (Complete Fitment Coverage) custom drilling service, a programme made possible by the firm’s trio of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) drilling machines. Said CNC machines are nothing if not accurate, able to efficiently drill PCDs, custom offsets, centre bores and spigot ring locations to a fraction of a millimetre in minutes. Each alloy is then extensively tested and inspected, while all stud hole de-burring is carried out by Wolfrace’s skilled engineering team by hand, a process which ensures a perfect finish. It means that the Assassin is open to all, no matter what they drive.

Eurosport Assassin

Size: 6.5x15in, 7.0x16in, 7.0x17in, 8.0x18in, 8.5x19in, 8.5x20in

Finish: Gloss Black/Polished, Gunmetal/Polished, Gloss Black, Hyper Silver, Gloss Black/Red Tips, Gloss Black/Blue Tips

PCD: 4×100, 4×108, 4×114.3, 4×98, 5×100, 5×105, 5×108, 5×110, 5×112, 5×114.3, 5×115, 5×118, 5×120, 5×120.65, 5×98, 6×114.3

Price: from £99 per wheel


Eurosport Assassin GT

Size: 8.5x18in

Finish: Gloss Black/Polished

PCD: 5×108, 5×112, 5×114.3, 5×120

Price: from £147 per wheel


Eurosport Assassin TRS

Size: 8.0x18in

Finish: Gloss Black/Polished, Gunmetal/Polished, Urban Chrome, Gloss Black

PCD: 5×160

Price: from £147 per wheel



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