Talon Wheels For SUV's | Luxury Vehicle Enhancements, UK

In 1994 the original Talon range of wheels was launched to a resounding success. This iconic alloy wheel has been a staple on SUVs, cars, and vans ever since. Now, with the creation of the brand-new 71 range, produced in honour of Wolfrace Wheel’s 50th anniversary in 2021, the Talon has been given a modern revival.

The Talon is the ideal alloy wheel for luxury vehicle users due to the high-quality finish, which is synonymous with the Wolfrace Wheels brand. Available in 18” and 20” with a load rating of 875kg, this classic design, much like the other wheels in the anniversary range, comes with a whole host of customisable features to help personalise your wheels to suit your style and taste.

Available in Gloss Raven Black and Gloss Raven Black Polished, the Talon boasts five fluted spokes to the rim edge with a subtle concave dish to the centre. The perfect wheel to highlight big brakes. Designed to maximise the flow of air to the brakes with sports car appeal but with hi-tech engineering to strengthen the wheel for both car, van and SUV applications.

This fantastic design boasts a unique centrepiece construction that features customisable rivets, cap base, cap inserts and locking alloy ring. The fantastic customisation options mean that you can have wheels tailored to your taste and style.

Options include:

Cap Base: blue, chrome, gloss black, gold, red, satin black, titanium and urban chrome.
Cap Inserts: blue, chrome, gloss black, gold, red, satin black, titanium and urban chrome.
Centre Locking Ring: blue, chrome, gloss black, gold, red, satin black, and titanium.

Find out more about the customisable options on our website: www.wolfrace.com/wolfrace-71-luxury-talon-alloy-wheel-customiser/