We are pleased to announce our 50th anniversary range, Wolfrace 71 Luxury, is now available in forged. Previously the Wolfrace 71 range was cast only, however now you can choose between cast and forged dependent on your wheel requirements.

The Forged range offer lighter, stronger wheels that provide faster acceleration and help decrease the time it takes for you to stop. The other fantastic benefit of forged wheels is that due to them being more lightweight than cast wheels, the overall weight of the car is lighter, and lighter vehicles use less fuel and therefore have greater fuel efficiency.

Forged wheels are an especially great choice if you have an electric car as these superb wheels increase range versus a standard cast wheel.

Manufactured in the UK, forged wheels are created using a solid piece of metal referred to as a ‘billet’. This billet is then subjected to heat and intense pressure, which compresses the material to form a raw forging. These raw forgings are ‘forged’ into different profiles to allow for the creation of different wheel designs.

Due to the way in which Forged wheels are created, they are less porous, which is what gives it its strength. These wheels are also more durable and more resistant to corrosion and oxidation and, as it is one piece of metal, the wheel doesn’t lose any structural integrity when manufactured.

Unlike forged, the cast process involves pouring or using a vacuum to insert molten aluminium into a mould that is formed into the shape of the wheel in different dimensions. Positive pressure is used to move the aluminium into the mould more quickly. It’s allowed to cool. Then, minor modifications are made to the wheel such as drilling and trimming. This manufacturing process is preferred over others because it’s fast and less complicated than other processes.

The Wolfrace 71 Forged range features the Matrix, Munich GTR, Talon, Voodoo and Urban Racer designs that have become popular in our 71 Luxury range. The same colour options and finishes are available in the Forged range as well, in sizes 19” to 24”.

Want to find out more about our new Wolfrace 71 Forged range? Check the range on our website: