Wolfrace wheels boast an extensive and hugely popular range of after-market wheels for the excellent Volkswagen T5 & T6 vans. Whether you are looking for a wheel upgrade for your commercial vehicle or a converted campervan, we have a superb choice to choose from.

The VW T5 & T6 make a superb commercial vehicle for trades and all other practical forms for use in a commercial environment. These popular models continue to be examples of the most popular commercial vans on the market.

That popularity has been extended into new markets over recent years, with both models now proving to be the campervan enthusiasts’ choice for conversion. This very much stems from the iconic Volkswagen Bus, which had and still has a cult following and a nostalgic appeal that attracts many people. It has been an iconic symbol of the hippie and surf culture of the 1960s and 1970s, and many people associate it with a sense of freedom and adventure. It was a versatile and practical vehicle with a reputation for being able to stamp your customisation mark on it to create a unique vehicle of choice.

The T5 and T6 have continued that tradition, with excellent fuel efficiency, varying sizes and that age-old empty shell of a box which provides the campervan enthusiast with the opportunity to stamp their mark on their new creation. Overall, the T5 and T6 are versatile, modern, and safe vehicles that can be easily converted into a comfortable and functional camper vans. The customization options, modern amenities, and fuel efficiency make it a popular choice for anyone who loves to travel and explore the outdoors in style and comfort.

At Wolfrace Wheels we have accumulated an excellent choice of wheels that can easily be fitted to these vehicles, some coming with customisable accessories (71 range), all providing that finishing touch to a commercial vehicle or campervan design of your choice. Why not finish your van off with a superb set of Wolfrace Wheels?