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Wolfrace 71 Matrix Gloss Raven Black Polished

The Matrix alloy wheel was a radically inspired 5 spoke developed in 2003 and re-enforced the brand as a cutting edge design house carving out a slice of the modified car scene.

With the design origins we have re-engineered the Matrix into a modern day twin 5 spoke masterpiece comfortable on todays cars, vans and SUVs.

Available in 4 unique finishes this crafted 5 spoke features spokes that reach out to the rim edge concaving into the centre with a unique centerpiece construction that features customisable rivets, cap base, cap inserts and locking alloy ring.

Matrix alloy wheel unique finishes in: Gloss Raven Black Polished, Gloss Raven Black, Satin Raven Black & Titanium Polished


Gloss Raven Black, Gloss Raven Black / Polished, Satin Raven Black, Titanium / Polished

Size/Load Index

8.5×18" 900kg, 8.5×20" 900kg


5×108, 5×112, 5×114.3, 5×115, 5×118, 5×120

Cap Base

Blue, Chrome, Gloss Black, Gold, Red, Satin Black, Titanium, Urban Chrome

Cap Inserts

Blue, Chrome, Gloss Black, Gold, Red, Satin Black, Titanium, Urban Chrome

Cap Screws

Black, Gold, Stainless Steel

Centre Locking Ring

Blue, Chrome, Glass Black, Gold, Red, Satin Black, Titanium

Wheel Rivets

Black, Gold, Stainless Steel

Wolfrace 71 collection
Introducing our new 2021 Wolfrace 71 collection, celebrating our 50th anniversary, a stunning range that represents the rich heritage of our prestigious brand.


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