Wolfrace 71 Wolfsburg GTR Racing Bronze Blue Inserts

Wolfsburg GTR custom alloy wheels available in Gloss Raven Black/Polished with Blue, Orange, Pink, Red and Yellow inserts.
The Wolfrace 71 cap assembly features customisable parts and a secure fixing for your nuts/bolts.


Blue Inserts, Orange Inserts, Red Inserts, Yellow Inserts

Size/Load Index

8.5×18" 900kg, 8.5×19" 900kg, 8.5×20" 900kg


5×108, 5×112, 5×114.3, 5×115, 5×118, 5×120, 5×130

Wolfrace 71 collection
Introducing our new 2021 Wolfrace 71 collection, celebrating our 50th anniversary, a stunning range that represents the rich heritage of our prestigious brand.


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