Wolfrace Eurosport X10 Polar Silver Alloy Wheel

A statement of intent alloy wheel: the split twin spokes extend to the rim edge, achieving a perfect harmony between elegant grace and sporty grit. X10 available in: Gunmetal, Polar Silver & Racing Black.


Gunmetal, Polar Silver, Racing Black

Size/Load Index

7.0×16" 640kg – 700kg, 7.0×17" 600kg – 700kg, 7.5×17" 700kg – 810kg, 8.0×17" 815kg, 7.0×18" 730kg – 805kg, 7.5×18" 700kg – 720kg, 8.0×18" 730kg – 815kg, 5.0×19" 520kg, 8.0×19" 700kg – 825kg


5×112, 5×120


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