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Wolf Design Wolf Design
Wolf Design is a premium brand by Wolfrace and consists of the new Renaissance, Vermont Sport, Vermont Entourage, GTP and GTR designs. Wheels in this range can be drilled to suit customer requirements and are most suited to large executive vehicles and SUV's such as Range Rover, Porsche Cayenne, Audi and BMW.
Size range is 18inch to 22inch.
Wolfrace GB Wolfrace GB
Comprising of some of the highest quality wheels on the market today, Wolfrace GB is the premium range of wheels from Wolfrace. The range includes several popular design s such as Lugano, Catania, Poison, Messina, Quinto and Norano. Wheels in this range have up to five years warranty and are TUV approved. The Wolfrace GB range is also an approved aftermarket range for Renault UK.
Size range is 13inch to 20inch.
Wolfrace TrackReady wheels Wolfrace TrackReady wheels
If the track and performance scene is your preference then the Wolfrace TrackReady range is for you. The Pro-Lite offers a weight saving over original equipment alloy wheels and combines a high quality finish with no-nonsense design. Colour - Gloss black.
Size range is 15inch to 18inch.
Wolfrace Eurosport wheels Wolfrace Eurosport wheels
Our design-lead range of alloy wheels continues to go from strength to strength and contains several of our best selling wheels such as Assassin GT, Bayern, Turismo, Roadstar and Munich - many are also weight loaded for commercial vehicles such as VW Transporter T5 and Vauxhall Vivaro vans. Choose Wolfrace Eurosport if you want to stand out in the crowd. New designs introduced recently included Genesis.
Size range 13inch to 20inch.
Wolfrace Asia-Tec wheels Wolfrace Asia-Tec wheels
The Wolfrace Asia-Tec wheel range is influenced by Japanese design and culture and offers an entry to the Wolfrace brand at a very competitive price. The Asia-Tec JDM has been a huge success since its launch and has been fitted to vehicles including Nissan Skyline and Subaru Impreza STI.
Size range 17inch and 18inch.
ATS Alloy Wheels ATS Alloy Wheels
Wolfrace are the exclusive distributors of ATS alloy wheels in the UK. The ATS brand has a long history of participation in motorsport from running their own F1 team in the 1980's to the current supply of alloy wheels to the FIA European Championship, Scirocco R Cup and the ATS Formel 3 Cup. ATS produce high quality alloy wheels for both motorsport and for normal road use including forged and cast wheels. Specialist fitments for cars such as Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini are covered. Size range 16inch to 20inch.
Alutec Alloy Wheels Alutec Alloy Wheels
Wolfrace are the exclusive distributors of Alutec alloy wheels in the UK. The Alutec brand was launched in Germany in 1996 and has since become one of the most well known brands in the country. Like ATS and Wolfrace GB, all Alutec wheels are TUV approved and are complete with up to five years warranty. Alutec alloy wheels were recently the official supplier and partner to a new world record - 76 simultaneous vehicles performing a doughnut drift. Alutec whels are also used in various Drift formula. Includes Shark, Grip, Monster and Burnside. Size range 14inch to 18inch.
Breyton Alloy Wheels Breyton Alloy Wheels
Wolfrace are distributors of Breyton alloy wheels in the UK. Breyton are a renowned German supplier of alloy wheels and aerodynamic styling products for BMW vehicles. In 2013, Breyton launched a new range of wheels called Breyton BE to cater for Audi vehicles. Now the range has extended further to include forged alloy wheels for both BMW and Porsche.
Size range 17inch to 23inch.
Wolfrace Insurance Wolfrace Insurance
Did you know Wolfrace also provide car insurance? We can provide you with a quote for your Car or Van in just a few minutes through our dedicated Wolfrace Insurance website, powered by Adrian Flux. Modifications are covered and Wolfrace Insurance is regulated by the FSA. Click here for more details.
Wolfrace Wheel Accessories Wolfrace Wheel Accessories
Wolfrace not only supply industry leading wheel designs - we also have a wide range of Wolfrace approved accessories including Spacers (5, 10, 15, 20 and 25mm) locking wheel nuts and bolts, chrome valves, Spigot rings and many other items to add the finishing touch to your new wheels. Visit our accessories for more details.
Wear Wolf Clothing Wear Wolf Clothing
The Wolfrace clothing range - Wear Wolf Clothing is available from all Wolfrace dealers.
The range includes a high quality fleece in Wolfrace colours with embroidered logos.
Wolfrace Wheel Simulator Wolfrace Wheel Simulator
Try before you buy! use the new Wolfrace Wheel Simulator to see what a set of Wolfrace alloy wheels could look like on your vehicle, all you need is a good side-on image of your car or van. All our latest alloy wheels can be selected and you can save the image to your computer or post on Facebook.
Its easy use - give it a try now!

The Wolfrace alloy wheel portfolio offers the motoring and modified car enthusiast a choice of many different alloy wheel designs and finishes to cater for the most discerning vehicle owner.

From our new entry level Eurosport alloy wheels to the premium Wolfrace GB range and the luxury SUV Wolf Design range, we can offer an alloy wheel for almost all vehicle types.

The Wolfrace portfolio has a size range from 13inch to 22inch and we not only distribute our own Wolfrace wheels, we also distribute other high quality brands in the UK such as Breyton, ATS, ATS Motorsport and Alutec.

WHEEL CLEANING - GUIDELINES We recommend that you clean your wheels at least once a week. Where possible, allow your wheel's to cool thoroughly before cleaning. Please only use warm water or a Wolfrace approved wheel cleaner such as Wolfrace Waterless Wash & Shine.
IMPORTANT! Always use wheel cleaners as per the instructions on the bottle and/or packaging. Never use an acidic wheel cleaner. Never jet wash your wheels specifically the centre decals. Some car cleaning companies use strong chemical based cleaning materials, we would advise AGAINST them cleaning your wheels unless you are sure they will not damage your wheels paint finish.
Please try to avoid curbing your wheels as damaging the surface lacquer can increase the chances of wheel corrosion and may affect your warranty.

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