‘The build up to the Malcom Wilson was substantial. Only the second rally for
the Subaru Impreza. Setting off with a complete new engine build courtesy of
TEG sport. Frankly we had no idea how the car would perform in the wilds of the
Lake District and the relentlessly punishing, iconic stages of Grizedale.

But my god did it perform; from the moment we hit seven on the countdown, the
anti-lag kicks into gonfiabili per bambini life burbling and popping. The lights go green and an expanse
of gravel is thrown back with 4-wheel drive fury.

The car launched into every stage and never stopped, every corner it seemed
another car had fallen off the track, OK boards littered the side-lines. We seemed
to spend more time airborne and sideways than straight and level.

Rally cars take an absolute battering, and our Subaru never missed a beat.
Multiple times we would hit an invisible hole, unseen at 70 mph and think that’s
it. That is the hole that cracks a wheel. But no, not on Wolfrace’s watch.

We finished up 13th in class, just 13 minutes off the leaders combined time
the leader being £500,000’s worth of World Rally Championship Ford Focus,
carrying points onwards in both the RAF championships and BTRDA Gold star

And so the season continues…

Our next event in the BTRDA Goldstar Championship is the Somerset Stages on 20 Apr 13.