Winter can be a pretty unforgiving season, especially for drivers – and with all manner of nasty driving conditions on the horizon as we move deeper into the coldest end of the calendar, road safety is more important than ever.

Unless you’re working with a world-proof SUV, tackling troublesome winter roads can be an absolute nightmare – but with the help of our winter driving cheat sheet, you can stay safe and avoid any unnecessary breakdowns this winter.


Maintaining a clear line of vision is essential to road safety – and neglecting to stay on top of this could result in a potentially hefty fine.

It mayseem like a hassle, but continuing to shift snow from the roof of your car prevents it from falling on to the windscreen and obscuring your view of the road ahead. Make sure your windscreen is clear inside and out – which, in some cases, will require a little elbow grease.

Oily marks on the screen might call for some cream glass polish, or dishwasher powder dissolved in water. Conquering condensation is essential for keeping a crystal clear view of the road – and this is easily done with the help of your air con. On top of that, making sure your wipers are in working order and properly looked after during the deep freeze should keep your car equipped and ready for whatever winter throws your way.


Some tyres find it unsurprisingly tough to cope with the winter roads – making your journey a potentially slippery and unsafe one. Arming yourself with some capable tyres can give you peace of mind, knowing that you’ve got a set of 100% winter-ready wheels. Wolfrace’s all-rounder alloys are more than prepared to face the winter weather – so if you need the wheels for the job, you’ve found them. Winter-proof tyres don’t harden at lower temperatures and they offer a ton of grip when conditions are cold and wet, keeping you completely safe and totally sorted.


With the Christmas countdown in full swing, homeowners across the UK will be well aware of the financial toll this season can take when it comes to power. This is no different inside the car, with heaters, wipers and lights put under a lot of pressure while the temperature’s low and the nights are dark.

Batteries don’t tend to last much longer than 5 years – so replacing one that’s on its way out could save you from any unwanted roadside rendezvous. Limiting your use of electrical systems wherever possible and trying a regular overnight trickle charge helps your battery to get some rest when it can and save its energy for when you really need it.


With stopping distances 10x longer in snow and ice, the key to driving safely in the depths of winter is to stay alert and be gentle. First of all, dry, comfortable shoes guarantee total bouncy castle for sale control on the road, while leaving as much room as possible between you and the car in front – and thinking ahead every step of the way – will help you avoid any nasty skids or even unnecessary accidents.

In the event that you need to hit the brakes, apply gently – and release and de-clutch if you begin to skid. Even if you get stuck, straighten up, clear the snow from your tyres and try an old rug in front of the driving wheels for some extra grip. Whatever winter throws at you, don’t worry – as long as you’re prepared and equipped, your journey should be a safe and seamless one.

Winter driving tips

Winter driving tips

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