Sonic, the original demo car built to promote Wolfrace in the 1980’s has sold on Ebay for £18,100.

The Sonic car project was commissioned by the original owner of Wolfrace – Barry Tracey – back in 1981. The vehicle is the brain child of renowned car designer Nick Butler and has often been compared to the Batmobile due to its long, sleek design, raised hind quarters and, originally, gloss black paint.


The Wolfrace Sonic was a no-holds-barred jeux gonflables big budget project made for around £100,000 and featured six Wolfrace Sonic alloy wheels, two Rover V8 engines, twin cockpit seating and hi-tech electronics built with the help of the local university.

Oh, and its was road legal.



Sonic was sold to a private collector by Wolfrace in the 90’s and went on to feature in the opening of the British Grand Prix and was even sprayed red for a feature in Play Boy magazine.


Reading the Ebay ad (here, but now finished) the owner states that he has never been able to keep up with the inevitable maintenance of such a complex vehicle and sadly the car was stored for the past decade or so and declined into a state of disrepair, needing a full restoration to get it back to its former glory.



We’re pleased to see that the Sonic was sold to a unknown buyer last week for £18,100 – hopefully the new owner can get those six wheels turning once more….