Wolf Design – the premium alloy wheel range – launch the new GTR design.

Wolf Design is the premium alloy wheel collection exclusively distributed by Wolfrace Wheels and includes a range of designs in sizes ranging from 18″ up to 22″. The latest design – GTR – is available in 9.5×22″ and is most suited to large suv’s and luxury vehicles such as the latest generation of Land Rover Range Rover.

The GTR comes in two different colour base coats – gloss black or satin gun metal, and both designs are finished with precision polished spoke detail. The Range Rover below is fitted with the satin gun metal/ polished spoke version.

Wolf Design GTR

The quality of manufacturing is high and this is reflected in the bouncy castle weight load capabilities of the vehicle – GTR has a weight load of 1050kg – a good deal higher than most aftermarket alloy wheels of similar size and design.

The Wolf Design GTR is competitively priced with an srp of £314.95 per wheel – making considerably more cost effective than any original equipment show room offerings.

Wolf Design for Range Rover

If the 9.5×22″ is a little large for your tastes, take a look at the GTP.
GTP is a similar in design to the GTR but features a centre ‘cover plate’ hiding the bolts holes from view. More about the GTP here.

Contact your nearest Wolf Design alloy wheel dealer for more details or see the Wolfrace website for details on the full Wolf Design range.