New Wolfrace Munich

The popular Wolfrace Eurosport design ‘Munich’ gets three new paint finishes.

Wolfrace Eurosport Munich is available now in new satin black with polished face and undercut, gloss black with white face, and full satin black with polished undercut in size 8.5×18” and 8.5×20”.

Two undercut Munichs – Satin Black/ polished face and undercut as well as Satin Black with polished undercut are two of the first wheels in the Wolfrace range to feature ‘undercut’ technology – an aesthetic feature where a secondary ‘inner rim’ is polished to create an eye catching contrast against the black paint.


Wolfrace Eurosport Munich Satin Black Undercut

Wolfrace Eurosport Munich Satin Black polished face and undercut


The Gloss Black and White Face Munich gives a clean crisp colour contrast – this wheel can mimic the effect of our highly popular Gloss Black/ polished finish without the required maintenance.


Wolfrace Eurosport Munich Gloss Black / White

All of our new Wolfrace Eurosport Munich wheels offer superior weight loading at 960kg per wheel.

The Munich comes with a 12 month warranty which can be extended for an additional year when you registered at

Suggested retail prices are £124.95 for 8.5×18″ and £149.95 for 20″ (per wheel prices).

Contact your nearest Wolfrace Dealer to obtain an exact price for these wheels via our online dealer locator