In the first in a new series of blogs aimed at throwing the spotlight on key wheels within our range, we take a close look at a big seller, the Wolfrace Classic!

The explosion in the popularity of simple, ‘less is more’ automotive styling has coincided in an increase in the number of individuals looking back to the ’70s and ’80s for inspiration, and this has led directly to one of the most beloved designs within our expansive range, the Wolfrace Classic. Indeed, even we’ve been somewhat taken aback by just how popular 365toy the Classic has proved since it was introduced to the Eurosport line halfway through 2016, to the extent that we can’t make batches quick enough!

The Classic’s highly polished lip accentuates its depth

Much of the Wolfrace Classic’s ability to sell like the proverbial ‘hot cakes’ must be due to its design, one that stubbornly refuses to date or even begin to look in any way tired. The reason for this is that the Classic boasts a ‘cross spoke’ appearance, a design forever linked with iconic offerings from BMW, Mercedes and many others, and one which was popular amongst countless touring cars from the late ’70s, right up to the early ’90s. It effectively future proofs the Classic and ensures that it will look simply perfect on almost anything you care to mention for many years to come.

A timeless cross-spoke face means that the Wolfrace Classic will look fresh for decades to come

Speaking of fitting the Classic, the wheel has been developed with ease of installation in mind, hence why it can be ordered in a truly massive variety of PCDs and sizes. Both 4 and 5 stud versions bouncy castle are available, with a specially load-rated version for commercial vehicles and busses. There’s even the option of using our highly regarded custom drilling facility, so fantastic news for those running rare cars with obscure PCDs and centrebores, while the wide offset range of between ET20 to ET45 ensures that a huge number of different manufacturers are effectively covered.

In line with the vast majority of Wolfrace wheels, the Classic can be had in a truly massive selection of different PCDs, offsets, centrebores and finishes

It’s hard to overstate the impact a set of aftermarket alloys can have on a car, especially if the wheels in question sport a suitably impressive finish – the Classic most certainly does! Available in gloss black, gloss titanium, hyper silver or bronze, all with a stunning lip that accentuates the Classic’s ‘dished’ design.

So there you have it, the Wolfrace Classic: the best way of bolting some timeless, old school, deep-dish cool to your car, and all at a very reasonable price point. What’s not to love? Click through to bag yourself a set.