While its the likes of the Eurosport, GB and Trackready ranges that we’re most commonly associated with, the Wolfrace portfolio is nothing if not expansive, with some our best selling wheels actually originating from GB-Classic, the place to find the Wolfrace range of OEM styled wheels.

It’s worth taking a little time to take a closer look at the wider GB Classic alloy range before we throw the spotlight on specific wheels within it, as it’s a highly significant step for the Wolfrace brand and one which serves to underscore our commitment to the OEM market. The premium nature of the GB-Classic alloy line is reflected in the certifications and capabilities of the wheels within it, with the vast majority coming with full TUV approval, the option of an extended 5-year warranty, and the ability to accept the OEM centre cap, fixings and a run flat tyre. Better still (and as we’ll soon see), all wheels within the range have been styled to pay subtle visual homage to some of the most popular factory-fitted alloys from the likes of Audi, BMW and Mercedes, making this the place to turn if you want to upgrade your car with some much needed OEM cool.

The Antares is built to an immensely high quality and fill fit modern Audis like the proverbial glove

We’ve opted to begin our in-depth look at the GB-Classic alloy range with the Antares, a timelessly styled offering based around a deceptively simple twin 5-spoke design. The eagle eyed amongst you will no doubt have already spotted that the Antares has more than a hint of the Audi about it, and this is reflected in its range of sizes and fitment options. Indeed, this wheel has been developed to fit the hubs of Ingolstadt’s finest perfectly, hence why it can be had in either 5×112 or 5×100 PCDs, and also why it easily accepts the original equipment centre cap and wheel bolts. It can had in either Polar Silver or Gloss Black.

The Drive proves that BMW owners are well catered to be the GB-Classic range

It’s fair to say that BMW has hit a rich vein of form when it comes to cutting edge styling in recent years, and this is reflected in its wheel output. We’re always keen to doff our cap to stunning factory styling wheel-wise, which is why we can now offer the Wolfrace Drive, an alloy which pays visual homage to rolling stock you might have spotted on 3 and 5-Series BMs. Fixings are very Munich friendly (5×112 and 5×120), as are the sizes and finishes; Polar Silver and Gloss Black with  polished spoke detailing. Click through to check it out for yourself. 

M10X is also backed up by TUV type approval and has a warranty which can be extended to a full 5 years.

Far from restricted to Audis and BMWs, the GB-Classic alloy range contains the M10X, a specially developed version of the popular M10 alloy designed solely for Mercedes SUVs, hence its 5×112 PCD. What it lacks in fitment options it more than makes up for in sizes however, with buyers able to pick from either 7.x5x17in, 8.5x19in or a whopping 8.5x20in, meaning that there’ll be no question of the M10X filling the cavernous arches of Mercedes SUVs. As you might well have guessed by now, the M10X has been designed with a blank centre cap which means it can be fitted with Mercedes’ own, OEM equivalent, plus wheel bolts and a run flat tyre. In line with the other wheels mentioned here, the M10X is also backed up by TUV type approval and has a warranty which can be extended to a full 5 years.

The wheels mentioned above are just a small selection from the wider GB-Classic alloy range, head over to the website for a complete rundown.