Fashion is a notoriously fickle, tricky to maser thing, and it can have a massive impact on the world of aftermarket tuning – after all, nothing dates faster than yesterday’s alloy wheels! That being said, there is one design of wheel that’s been popular since alloys first hit the market, one which has the ability to whether the ravages of fashion with consummate ease, the multi-spoke wheel. With this in mind, we’re over the moon to be able to release further details of the Turismo, a classically styled, multi-spoke offering that’s been a the Eurosport range for some time yet still looks fresh!

Based around a deceptively simple 15-spoke design, the Turismo screams motorsport chic, so much so that bolting a set to your three-box saloon can quite quickly give the impression that you hüpfburg own some kind of mid ‘90s homologation special, and that’s never a bad thing! Aside from paying homage to Super Touring BTCC greats, the Turismo’s glut of wheel spokes ensures that it’s incredibly strong, more than up to fast road driving throughout the year or the odd track day excursion. Said spokes have also been shown to provide exemplary brake cooling traits, making the Turismo a superb choice for owners of high performance saloons and coupes.

There’s a lot to be said for a timeless multi-spoke design like the Turismo

The choice of sizes and finishes available further highlights the Turismo’s suitability for performance vehicles, with buyers able to pick from 7.5x17in and 8.5x18in. Our commitment to customer choice is reflected in the 2 finishes available; Gloss Black with a Polished face or Gloss Black.

Styling, strength and lightweight aside, the Turismo is weight loaded at an impressive 960kg, a figure which makes it suitable for fitment to all manner of lightweight commercial vehicles, including the likes of the VW Transporter, Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter. The 5×112 Turismo even accepts a Mercedes OEM centre cap and is therefore ideal for those seeking to maintain a largely factory appearance. They make a fantastic upgrade to any van, so ditch your rusty steels for a set of Turismos!

Wolfrace has long been known for the quality of our products and the ruthlessness of our development process (the Turismo is fully TUV certified, meaning it’s passed Germany’s famously strict type approval process), but we’re also wholly committed to customer satisfaction. This commitment is clearly reflected in the industry leading, 12-month warranty, one which can be extended by an extra year simply by registering said wheels online.

The Turismo can be made to fit pretty much any car you care to mention through our CFC programme

Last but not least, the Turismo is also part of the Wolfrace CFC (Complete Fitment Coverage) custom drilling service, a programme made possible by our trio of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) drilling machines. Said CNC machines are nothing if not accurate, able to efficiently drill PCDs, custom offsets, centre bores and spigot ring locations to a fraction of a millimetre in minutes. Each alloy is then extensively tested and inspected, while all stud hole de-burring is carried out by the Wolfrace engineering team by hand, a process which ensures a perfect finish. It means that the Turismo is open to all, no matter what they drive.


7.5×17in, 8.5×18in, 8.0x20in


4×100, 4×108, 5×100, 5×108  5×112, 5×114, 5×120

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