ATS Alloy Wheels combine a graceful aesthetic with great stability. Founded in Germany in 1969, ATS Alloy Wheels established its creditability through their own Formula 1 team in the ‘80s, and with a victory in the Wolf Touring Car Championship with Chevrolet. Today, you and your vehicle benefit from this expertise.

ATS Alloy Wheels offer a very high-quality paint finish and lightweight ATS designs, whether you’re hitting the track or looking for the unique ‘euro look’ – ATS have you covered! As the exclusive, official distributor of ATS Alloy Wheels in the UK, we’re taking a deeper look into this impressive range of light alloy options as ATS celebrate 50 years in the industry.

ATS Racelight

You don’t have to look far to begin to see ATS’s long-term association with top-tier motorsport in their wide range of high-quality road wheels! The ATS Racelight is one of the lightest mass-market alloy wheel available, and ATS’ unique construction process known as Flowforming is to thank.

This incredible process sees key areas of the blank cast alloy rims rolled out and compressed, which significantly reduces the amount of cutting or machining required, and in most cases eliminates it completely! Not only does this save time and resources, it enables the walls of wheels like the Racelight to be significantly thinner, reducing the overall mass of the wheel without compromising strength of stability.

The stylish multi-spoke design of the ATS Racelight is available in Racing Black and Royal silver.



This deep dish, retro design needs no introduction. The classic styling is incredibly popular in the UK, and is a staple of the European Volkswagen scene. The ATS Cup is finished in a subtle combination of Diamond Black with a Polished face and lip.

With the strictest quality controls and the most modern testing procedures, you’re guaranteed the highest security with the ATS Cup.

ATS Perfektion

Launched in 2014, the ATS Perfektion is still a very popular choice of alloy wheel 5 years later. Distributed in the UK by Wolfrace Wheels, this classic but somewhat aggressive split-spoke styling of this race-ready number is spot on and the finish is stunning, too. However, it’s the finer details like the simple, and relatively thing, polished edge that elevates this whole rim to the next level of stylish.

The ATS Perfektion is available in Racing Black / Polished and Royal Silver.



ATS Emotion

Available in Polar Silver and Racing Black, the ATS Emotion are part of the ever popular ATS range of alloy wheels for 2019. The Emotion takes great advantage of the classic five-spoke alloy wheel design, a timeless construction. The spokes on this wheel reach to the very edge of the wheel, which makes the wheels themselves appear visually bigger once fitted onto your vehicle.


ATS combines sophisticated designs with extreme stability and is considered as the ‘World Champion of Weight Reduction’ in the production of aluminium wheels. Made in Germany to a high-quality standard, ATS boast elegant wheel designs and impressive technical advantages.

As well as the above alloy wheels that we delved into, Wolfrace Wheels also offer more from the ATS Alloy Wheels range, exclusively in the UK. Click here to see the full range of high-quality ATS Alloy Wheels.

Buy ATS Alloy Wheels with peace of mind from the only official UK distributer, talk to the Wolfrace Wheels customer services team on 01621 843770, or shop with confidence online.