Regular car valeting, or detailing as it is sometimes referred to, ensures that your car looks as new as the day you bought it all year round. However, in-between appointments your car can lose a bit of its lustre and there are a few tricks you can do to throughout the month to keep it looking it’s best.

How to clean your car windows

To keep your windows looking clear, consider giving them a once over yourself with a vinegar solution. When cleaning and drying your car windows, streaks are likely to appear on either the glass’ interior or exterior. To identify streaks easily, ensure that the outer part is dried towards one direction while the inside is dried towards the opposite direction, either vertically or horizontally.

Cleaning glass surfaces this way makes it easier to determine whether the annoying streaks are on the interior or exterior surface of the glass. This way, the problem is easily fixed, making the cleaning more efficient and reliable.

When to wax or shampoo your car

In order to have the paintwork on your car looking great always, it would be advisable to have it washed twice a month in-between your car valeting visits. Other than keeping rust at bay, this will also ensure that your looks sparklingly clean all the time.

Avoid using harsh shampoos or chemicals to wash your car since they can cause damage to the paintwork. Regular waxing also comes in handy in ensuring that the car paint doesn’t get eroded through frequent washing. Other than wax, using shampoo occasionally is also good in protecting the paint from regular washing.

Make use of chamois or towel for drying the paintwork 

After cleaning it, don’t let leave your car to air-dry since this will leave it with stubborn watermarks. Such marks are normally harder to remove than most dirt marks. Using a chamois or a soft towel to dry your car might be more effective in such a case. The towel can easily absorb any water droplets that might be lingering on your car’s paintwork.

How to get rid of swirl marks on paintwork

Swirl marks normally appear as fine scratches on the surface of your car’s paintwork. They are either a result of using the wrong type of sponge or cloth and sometimes through using a dirty one. Most of the time, using a high-quality polish on the paintwork effectively removes all swirl marks better than any wax can do. This leaves your paintwork looking clean until you next have your car valeted.

Guest Blogger: Thank you to Catalina Auer representing Clazio Direct ( A talented American based fabricator and creator of high-quality Leather seat covers for a range of vehicles including Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Chrysler, Jeep and Honda.