Vehicle transformation is in your hands!

Wolfrace alloy wheels have always been very focused on design and ensuring that our customers get the full benefit of our creativity for their vehicles. This is not just a process of adding a great set of Wolfrace alloy wheels, it is about individuality and the opportunity to create stand-out vehicles that make individual statements to the owners and the people that catch sight of their vehicles. This is why we were so keen on developing our offer to the 4×4 market and introduced a superb range of vehicle enhancements to go with our market-leading alloy wheel range. The combination of which is now setting new standards in customisation, and empowering owners to radically improve the aesthetics and set their vehicles apart from others.

Along with our advanced range of superb alloy wheels, the vehicle enhancements range is just as prominent. There is a great choice available including:

  • Tailgate Cover
  • Bonnet Scoop
  • Bonnet protector
  • Side Cladding
  • Fender Flares: Wide Arch Kit | Ultra Wide

Our alloy wheel choices are just as exciting

From the Sahara to the Kalahari, or the Amazon to Vermont, our alloy wheel range for your 4×4 caters perfectly and to every individual taste. You can choose the more traditional style wheel for your 4×4 as demonstrated by the robustness of the Explore, or you can choose from our excellent range of stylish and appropriately aggressive-looking Wolf wheels. The ‘Wolf’ is manufactured in Europe, and comes with a TUV-approved factory certification, giving the Wolf wheel the edge in the marketplace. The Wolf range is also a real head turner, a road dominator, and looks amazing on large 4×4 vehicles.

All of our 4×4 alloy wheels really do help you to dominate and own the road, whatever the terrain!