As temperatures dip below 7 degrees for the first time, its right that you should consider fitting winter wheels and tyres to your vehicle – ATS and Alutec have some options.

There are many wheels suitable for use as winter wheels in the various Wolfrace wheel ranges, most are part of the Wolfrace GB and are complete with a five year warranty and are TUV approved.

Wheels such as the new ‘U1’ have all the above credentials in wide range of sizes including 5.0×14″ 5.5×14″ 6.0×15″ 6.0×16″ 6.5×16″ 7.0×17″ 7.5×17″ and 8.0×17″.

Wolfrace GB U1

Wolfrace GB U1 – 5.0×14″ 5.5×14″ 6.0×15″ 6.0×16″ 6.5×16″ 7.5×16″ 7.0×17″ 7.5×17″ 8.0×17″

The simple design ensures it’ll suit many different vehicles and the fitment range is extensive.

Other Wolfrace designs such as the extremely popular Wolfrace Eurosport Assassin can be drilled suit most four, five and six stud fitments. The size range of this head-turner is 6.5×15″ 7.0×16″ 7.0×7″ 8.0×18″ 85×19″ and 8.5×20″. The 18″ and above sizes are also weight loaded so are suitable for commercial vehicles.

Wolfrace Eurosport Assassin 6.5x15" 7.0x16" 7.0x17" 8.0x18" 8.5x19" 8.5x20"

Wolfrace Eurosport Assassin 6.5×15″ 7.0×16″ 7.0×17″ 8.0×18″ 8.5×19″ 8.5×20″

New ATS and Alutec winter wheels are also available including the new ATS Perfektion, Emotion and Temperament in polar silver, and the brand new Alutec Raptr.

See our previous blog post relating to these wheels.

Alutec Raptr 6.5x16" 7.5x17" 8.0x18"

Alutec Raptr 6.5×16″ 7.5×17″ 8.0×18″

For more winter wheel ideas, check out our Wolfrace wheel pages or the Alutec and ATS wheel ranges.

You can quickly find out what wheels are suitable for your vehicle by using our winter wheel fitment guide.