It is rare for us at Wolfrace to see manufacturing defects on our wide range of wheels. Our stringent quality control checks and the confidence in our products are perfectly demonstrated by Wolfrace being the only UK alloy wheel brand to offer an extended warranty cover for up to 5 years.

Every set of genuine Wolfrace alloys comes with a 12-month warranty from the date you purchase your wheels. Our extended warranty options exist because we have the confidence in our alloy wheels, and we make sure every purchaser of a Wolfrace wheel gets what they wished for.

As the original sought after alloy wheel brand, we have been manufacturing/distributing to the discerning British public since 1971. We very much pride ourselves on the exceptional quality and standards that goes into every Wolfrace wheel. Every wheel is manufactured to exacting international standards without compromise, enabling you the purchaser to enjoy trouble-free motoring.

A big proportion of our wheels are manufactured in Europe, with either factory TUV certification or individual wheel TUV. Our wheels also have an ECE certification where relevant.

The online portal details how to register and covers what wheels have specific warranties. A QC label is included with the purchase of wheels and details the relevant link to register online.

There is also to an opportunity to claim if the wheels are out of warranty, up to six months beyond the final date of the warranty period.

Every Wolfrace wheel box has a complete print of our warranty on the inside of the lid. All our literature/advertising also covers our warranty periods and our website obviously contains the relevant information including our extended warranty options.

What happens if I do have a problem with my Wolfrace alloys?

If you do get a problem with your alloys, the graphic below indicates how to claim on your warranty.

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Avoid the copycats

Unfortunately, the Wolfrace alloy wheel brand is also sort after by the wrong kind of admirers, with some looking to sell cheap copies of our unique best-selling alloys. It’s the reason why we continually advise the consumer to make sure they purchase their Wolfrace alloy wheels from our listed and reputable resellers and distributors, or indeed, direct from our online store

If you currently own a set of Wolfrace wheels but aren’t sure if they are the real thing, please do get in contact with us and send us some images of the wheels on your vehicle. We can confirm whether they are genuine, and for the best photos submitted, we will send you some free Wolfrace stickers. Please feel free to contact us through our numerous social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We love to see our wheels on your cars!

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Wolfrace wheels and our vast network of dealers are always here for our customers, and anyone who loves the great British Wolfrace brand!