Actually, you can have any colour combination you like!

There is now no barrier to individualism and customisation, which is very much the trend for customising vehicles nowadays. We all want our vehicles to have personality, colour coordination and stand out amongst the crowd. You may think this trend is somewhat new but history will demonstrate that in a market where vehicles are increasingly adopting the same designs or look and feel, vehicle owners want something new, individual and with bags of personality.

The new range of Wolfrace 71 accessories and enhancements are changing the way people want to customise their vehicles. This exciting new addition to the Wolfrace brand that already boasts some fabulous ways of accessorising your vehicles is proving hugely popular with our customers and our stockists. Our stockists are reacting to the demand of the consumer,  continually looking for something new to give to their customers.

The 71 range was our anniversary alloys, consisting of some incredible designs that have revolutionised the alloy wheel market, and the choices available to the avid after-market wheel buyer. When the 71 range launched in our anniversary year, 2021, we had the vision to move the brand towards a sense of individualism. We wanted our customers to feel like they had something unique, not just in the design of the wheels which are setting new standards in alloy wheel design. We really wanted our customers to have a colour choice, whether that was through our range of centre caps, or through the extensive range of colour finishes on the wheels themselves.

Wolfrace 2021 set the standard, as did the Wolfrace brand way back in 1971 with its iconic range of after-market alloy wheels. We now look to move that standard on with something new, exciting and individual for the alloy wheel buyer.

The new customisable accessory range will do just that!

‘We repeat! Choose any 71 wheels and colour combination of accessories that you like!’

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